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The 3 Common Most Common Questions Parents ask about Jewish Education

Picture is from Mequon Jewish Preschool.

In August, parents turn their attention to the coming school year. There are school supplies and new clothes to buy, new teachers to meet, schedules to coordinate. But where does Jewish education fall on your to-do list? The answers to the following FAQs can start you out on the right path.

1) Our lives are so busy, why should we make time for Jewish education?

Children (and parents) today have extremely hectic schedules. We all have to make choices about which activities are most important for our children. Why Go Jewish with those choices? Being in a Jewish school:

  • Allows children to experience the beauty of Jewish heritage and tradition

  • Gives children the opportunity to live values like tzedakah (charity), chesed (kindness), and tikun olam (repairing the world)

  • Connects children to other Jews in the community and around the world

2) How do I choose the right program for my child?

  • Visit the school, allow your child to sit in on some classes

  • Talk to families who attend different schools; they are great resources

  • Meet with the school director and ask about the program, school hours, the curriculum

  • Trust your gut -- if the school feels right, it is a great place to begin your Jewish journey

3) What is the right age to begin giving my child a Jewish education?

  • The time is now! It’s never too early or too late for a Jewish education.

  • There are great resources in Milwaukee for young children. Through PJ Library, you can have free Jewish books sent right to your door! We have 3 fabulous Jewish Early Childhood Programs. Many of our synagogues also have programs for young families.

  • Milwaukee has three K-8 Jewish Day Schools, three Jewish High Schools, and Religious Schools that start as early as age three. All of these programs welcome children to begin at any age.

  • Milwaukee also has amazing youth groups for informal learning: BBYO, MiTY, USY, NCSY, and CTeen.

  • There are also amazing adult education opportunities available throughout our community.

There are so many educational opportunities in Milwaukee. If you would like some help finding the right program for your child, contact Tzipi Altman-Shafer to talk about how you can “Go Jewish” with your family (414-963-2718 or


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