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How Do I Get My Children to Love Judaism? The answer is simpler than you might think.

Photo credit, Mequon Jewish Preschool

When thinking about a Jewish education for our children, one of our top motivators is to instill a love of Judaism in the next generation. We want our children to be embrace their heritage; we want them to be proud Jews.

In last year’s CJL Jewish Education survey, 101 people said that the most influential factor in forming their Jewish identity was their family / their parents. Children learn their love of Judaism at home.

A recent article in EJewish Philanthropy explained it well: “One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from Jewish parents across the denominational spectrum is: ‘Rabbi, how do I get my child (or grandchild) to love Judaism?’ My initial answer is always the same: ‘You must love it!’ The main reason that parents don’t engage their children in rigorous intellectual and spiritual Judaism is because they themselves aren’t being engaged in their own Jewish journeys. Meaningful Jewish experiences for adults have a profound and enduring effect on the psyche and will have a trickle-down effect to children.” (Adult Learning is the Number One Priority for the Jewish Future by Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz)

The time is now to embrace your own Jewish learning. It will impact your family like ripples in a pond. Lucky for you, Milwaukee is rich with opportunities for adult learners. Most of the classes are free and open to the community.Check out these websites for more information:

There are so many educational opportunities in Milwaukee, for adults and for children. If you would like some help finding the right program for your child, contact Tzipi Altman-Shafer to talk about how you can “Go Jewish” with your family (414-963-2718 or


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