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Applications Open for Jewish Educator Awards

On March 11, 2018 from 2:30-4 pm, the Milwaukee Jewish community will gather together to thank our local Jewish educators. This is a special event, not to be missed. Teachers from every Jewish school in Milwaukee will be recognized. In addition, there are some special awards that are given. Please consider nominating a teacher you know or submitting an application for creative work you have done:

  • Do you know a terrific Milwaukee Jewish Educator? Nominate him/her for Grinspoon CJL Jewish Educator of the Year using this Nomination Form . This award includes a $1,000 cash prize.

  • Did your school do a great mitzvah project? Apply for the Rabbi Emanuel & Deborah Lifshutz Mitzvah Award. This is an award for excellence in גמילות חסדים (acts of loving kindness) projects. An award will be donated to the (non-profit) organization or cause that the mitzvah project supports. Apply here.

  • Have you been inspired by an amazing youth group advisor, camp counselor, or another informal Jewish educator outside a classroom environment? Nominate someone for the Inspiration Award. Apply here. A donation will be made to their organization.

  • Teachers: did you create an amazing lesson or unit last year? Apply for the Gill Incentive for Teachers Award (GIFT). There is a maximum award of $500, which may be divided among several winners. Apply here.

All applications due by January 15, 2018



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