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  • Joan Kazan

All My Bags Are Packed & I’m Ready To Go...

Thrilled to be one of 15 women representing MIlwaukee on the JWRP trip to Israel. I’ll be blogging about the experience & here are a few thoughts on the eve of our departure. All My Bags Are Packed & I’m Ready To Go... Peter, Paul and Mary made John Denver’s lyrics famous but I feel like this is my theme song tonight. The suitcase is loaded, my passport is in my purse, liquids are in an official quart size reusable Ziploc. After months of anticipation, preparation, shopping, list making, more shopping, more list making, meetings, emails, more meetings, more emails, tying up loose ends at work and with family, it’s finally time to do this thing! When my daughter Molly and her friends were getting ready for their eighth-grade day school trip to Israel, I joked there was a little known 11th commandment “Thou shalt not visit the holy land without a pedicure.“ Fortunately I checked that off my list yesterday; my freshly buffed and polished toes and I are ready to board the plane.

Some of us are already exhausted from the endless packing and prep but we’re excited and we’re energized. As my son Grant says, “Let’s go!“ As Andrew, my 17-year-old says, “this is going to be lit!“


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