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  • Lisa Vondra

Day 3: Tel Aviv Afternoon in the Evening

This afternoon was filled with many memorable experiences and some fun activities!! Please enjoy the below pictures with captions:

Free time to explore and eat lunch around Rothschild Boulevard.

Riveting stories shared by our Israeli trip sisters: Galit, Karen, and Segal. They told us about their lives as Israeli moms, about the work they do, and about their values. This was at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Eye opening presentation given by Israel educator Zeev Ben Shachar focusing on the psychological effects of media images and selective information used to shape thoughts and opinions of Israel and elsewhere.

Dinner time at Tel Aviv Port, including a special visit with former Milwaukee Jewish Educator Sara Minash.

After Tel Aviv, off to Jerusalem! First stop . . . we visited Ammunition Hill to learn about life in the IDF from 7 current Israeli soldiers. Half of them were lone soldiers (soldiers who moved from other countries to serve in the Israeli army). What an inspiring group.

Another great day!! Thanks for your interest in our inspiring adventure.


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