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  • Lori Salinsky

Day 5 - Erev Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem! Our Shabbat started with a terrific concert and sing-along led by a trio of young women - a vocalist (Lizzie Serling) , a violinist and a cellist.

Then we all gathered to light candles for Shabbat. We learned many families light a candle for each family member, though this Shabbat we each lit 2 candles (fire code prevented us from lighting more.)

Afterwards we walked to the Kotel (Western Wall), where we danced, sang and prayed together. It was a wonderful, warm, and exhilarating experience welcoming Shabbat with so many other women in the most spiritual of places.

All 500 JWRP women enjoyed a delicious Shabbat meal at the lovely Waldorf Astoria hotel.

This trip has been sababa (awesome) and celebrating Shabbat in Jerusalem has been the Shabbat of a lifetime!


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