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  • Joan Kazan

Day 7: Shalom Bayit & A Visit to Tzfat

We began this long day with a moving acknowledgment by Adrienne Gold about the tragedy in Pittsburgh, my hometown. Adrienne encouraged us to turn to inner work as a response to tragedy, work on becoming who you know you can be. 

Adrienne then spoke about relationships and a key point was that love is a verb, a behavior as opposed to a feeling. She stressed that in a relationship it’s most important to love when you aren’t feeling love.

We were welcomed to the Tzfat mikvah (ritual bath) by the ladies who use it on a regular basis. They shared how special it is to them and how it helps in maintaining the physical component of a marriage. Did you know,  the mikvah is the first thing built in a Jewish community?

One of our fearless leaders, Dana Margolis, shared her personal story and how Tzfat played a significant part in her journey. She told us the story in the spot where her husband Adam proposed (Awww . . .)

The word Tzfat means “to look out” and this pale stone city is the highest mountain in the Galilee.

We did our best to support the local economy by shopping for candles, jewelry, artwork, wine, Judaica and of course food!

We toured both the underground tunnel system and cisterns of Tzfat and a synagogue.

Our tour guide Patrick said “ turn out the lights” because JWRP (and the very energetic Milwaukee group) closed Tzfat for the day.

On to dinner at Decks, a restaurant that feels like a cruise ship. Former Shin Shin, Yaela stopped by to say “hello” and hang out. 

We ended the evening with more eating, (The salmon here is better than Costco salmon, go figure) more dancing, fireworks, more ruach (spirit) and more fun!! Lailah Tov (good night). We are dog tired and we had a blast.


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