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  • Yael Stein

Day 8: The Dead Sea

After a delicious lunch at Masada, along with some time to shop in the Ahava company store, we made our way to the lowest place on Earth: the Dead Sea. The 15-20 min ride was breathtaking, snaking down the mountain from Masada with the turquoise water of the sea always to our East. Additionally, we were blessed with a clear view of Jordan across the sea!

After arriving at the Dead Sea we were handed a packet of Ahava Dead Sea mud. The mud that the Dead Sea is so famous for is not found on the southeast side where we were swimming, so therefore, packages are a must. We changed into our suits and made our way to the beach. Once on the beach, the fun began!! We took turns shellacking mud, covering ourselves and each other from head to toe in mineral rich Dead Sea mud. After some group and individual pictures, we entered the sea. Floating in the Dead Sea had been described to us as similar to being in space. You are weightless... Simply floating! It's impossible to get your entire body in at once. We had a great time lounging and laughing together. We took the salt crystals from the bottom of the sea and exfoliated our skin, scrubbing the mud off our bodies. Our skin felt incredibly soft!

In addition to the floating fun, the remarkable view added to this uniquely fabulous experience. The spectacular turquoise blue of the water paired with the white salt banks, the clear blue cloudless sunny sky, and the Moav mountains across the sea in Jordan created the perfect backdrop to an amazing experience.


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