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Holy Chutzpah

By Andrea Florsheim and Aree Wichman

Holy Chutzpah in Tel Aviv! COURAGE...”courage is not the absence of fear, courage is the decision that something is more important than your fear.”

Our journey of courage has just begun. Together we load the bus to explore our first stop...Jaffa!

Immigrants came to the land of Israel to escape persecution. When they arrived at the port of Jaffa they literally “kissed the ground.”

Birthright Innovation Center! This center features an exhibition highlighting Israel’s contributions from successful entrepreneurs. It is literally the "Silicon Valley" of the Middle East!

Lucky’s Tuesday! The Nachalat Binyamim is open. We enjoyed supporting artwork and jewelry from local artisans. The Shuk Hacarmel is a vibrant market where you can buy just about anything from local traders. Your 5 senses are awakened in this market.

Te-Lev-Viv (Lev=heart) or "Te-Love-viv"


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