• Momentum MJF

Inspiration, Mysticism and Celebration

By Amy Hodges and Ilissa Boland

We began our morning with a meaningful discussion on the value of relationships. We focused on the fact that we should show not tell. Actions speak louder than words and it is very meaningful to show someone that you love them. We all need to remember to fill our own cup so that it can overflow to our family and community.

We talked about keeping our relationships knitted together. Wear your scars with pride and take your difficulties and make them beautiful. We must remind ourselves that love is a choice and we are masters of our fate.

As we headed on our journey from Jerusalem to Tzfat, we felt the significance of visiting 3 of the 4 holy cities in one day. We started our visit to Tzfat with the S word (SHOPPING). Enjoying all the beautiful artists and their creative works. One of the themes of our trip to Tzfat was opening our eyes to see everyday miracles.

What a blessing to be welcomed into the spa like Mikvah to learn the meaning and traditions of this holy ritual. A woman’s first experience begins the night before her wedding and is repeated monthly to refresh relations with herself, God and her husband. This is one of the only times that we pray that we do not have layers between us and God.

We then headed to Tiberius for a joyous celebration that included dinner overlooking the Kinneret . The energy of 200 strong Jewish women was present as we danced on top of bars holding flags of Israel and sang along to the popular song about peace, "Salaam".

Each day of this journey has been more meaningful than the last. We are very thankful to be having this incredible experience with 18 beautiful women. The bond is undeniable. What a strong community we will be!!


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