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This is Not a Goodbye, But “L’Hitraot”

By Meira and Avital (Irina Johnson and Olga Lesinski)

Today we said Shalom and “l’hitraot” to many women. But this is not a goodbye, it is a chance for us to continue to strengthen our sisterhood of strong Jewish Women.

There were so many blessings on this trip, and one of them was meeting our beautiful Israeli mother’s and soldiers. Today, Or and Revital gave us a beautiful parting gift of Book of Psalms and Hamsa to help protect us and keep us and our children safe.

We visited the Ammunition Hill where we learned how “Silly Teenagers” become future leaders of Israel. There were some powerful messages that we received today.

  1. A country builds an army, but the army builds a nation.

  2. Overcome your fears by changing your frame of mind. (Paradigm Shift)

  3. Alon Wald spoke passionately about comradery, bravery, and leadership. He spoke about being the best you can be now and celebrating those solders they way they were in life, not in combat.

We were given some parting thoughts in our last lesson of gratitude. We were also reminded:

-Before we can give to the world, we have to get in touch with the you of you

-Happiness is a skill that can be learned

-We are either green and growing or brown and dying.

While we say goodbye to the Momentum trip and continue to our sister region, we are reminded that “Behind every successful woman is a tribe.” We are so thankful for belonging to the best tribe of all, Jewish Mothers.

We also say a big Thank You to our madrich, Tal. Thank you for keeping us on track with patience and grace.

And of course let’s not forget that we are coming home with a whole new vocabulary:

-Let go, let G-d

-Baruch Hashem




-Momentum discount

-Super Jew

If you don’t know what these mean, you were not on our trip!

As if the day was not full enough, we were inspired by athlete Morgan Samuel’s story of perseverance, courage and strength. She said it best that “You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So let’s take those shots!!!


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