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Welcome Home . . . To Israel

by Tzipi Altman-Shafer and Dana Margolis

A long day of travel has come to an end.

All eighteen of us are here in Israel. Some of us arrived early to visit friends and family, some arrived today, but we are now all together in Israel. We are so happy.

A few of us were able to see former Milwaukee educators Sara Minash and Adina Altshull. Certainly this is the first of many reunions with former Milwaukeeans we will have this trip.

Once we dropped off our luggage at the hotel, we headed to the beach for some sun, sustenance, and smiles.

The evening included wine, food, an inspirational lecture about positive speech and how shifting our paradigms can help us look at situations in whole new way, and of course, dancing! What a great way to begin our journey.

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