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Yeshiva Elementary School

Why Go Jewish?

Connecting to a community

When parents choose Jewish education, the entire family benefits. They become connected to a community of families who share the same values and traditions, resulting in lifelong friendships. The total community experience separates Jewish schools from their public and private counterparts.

Learning through a Jewish lens

Many schools can offer excellence in education, but only Jewish schools can do it through a Jewish lens. Children receiving a Jewish education express a stronger commitment to addressing the needs of the larger society and a greater desire to make a difference in the world by helping those in need, volunteering their time and finding careers that advance society in positive ways.

Infusing Jewish values

No matter where we live or what religious practices we observe, Jews share the same values: Klal Yisrael (respect for each other), Tzedakah (the obligation to care for one another), and Tikkun Olam (improving the society in which we live). Jewish schools infuse children with these values. They are more than part of a curriculum; they are the essence of Jewish education.

Maintaining our traditions

Jews are a communal people. We have survived for thousands of years by passing on the traditions and teachings of those who came before us. Jewish education is one of the most effective ways for families to help sustain Jewish life for years to come.

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